Over the past years, the estate agent business has received a lot of criticism. It was said that a house sells itself and that the job of an estate agent is a piece of cake. This is a sad misunderstanding. Not only in the past, but also in the present market an estate agent is of vital interest when you wish to buy or sell a house.

Working method

Amstelhoven ensures, for example, that the value of the house is properly assessed before the asking price is determined in consultation with our client. We also make a proposal for a well-considered selling strategy in keeping with your situation.

The next step is the presentation of the house. Amstelhoven takes care of both the facts and the atmosphere. The facts are gathered by referring to the Land Registry, the environmental inspection services and the municipal services for building and living to get all the details needed. As for the atmosphere: Amstelhoven cooperates with a specialised advertising agency that takes care of the pictures and the advertisement texts. These ingredients are used for the layout of the sale brochure, for mailings to other estate agents, for registration in Funda and for an extensive presentation on this website. In addition, Amstelhoven’s employees have training in the various disciplines needed for making an attractive brochure, for example photography and writing.

It goes without saying that the estate agents of Amstelhoven will manage and take care of the viewings of your home. After each viewing we will report you (if you so wish) on the course of the visit and the reactions of the prospective buyers.

If the prospective buyer is seriously interested, negotiations will start. This is the stage where a good estate agent pays off. The same applies, really, for the next stage: the purchase agreement and the transfer deed. An estate agent of Amstelhoven ensures that your interests are served as well as possible. That is our job.

In fact, you might say that Amstelhoven’s job ends there. You have succeeded in selling your house and the new owners are happy with their new home. Even so, Amstelhoven will keep in touch for quite some time afterwards. As a service and out of interest. Providing after-care, so to say. Amstelhoven will be glad to advise and assist you in any later steps relating to housing.