Amstelhoven Makelaardij is not an agent for mortgages and insurances. We will gladly refer you to experts of, for example, JRB Financieel Adviesbureau, which also has its place of business in Amstelveen. JRB has proven to be much more than a consultancy firm for mortgages and insurances. It is a confidential adviser, a discussion partner and it serves as a link between its clients and hundreds of service providers.

In addition, JRB’s approach fits in with the way in which Amstelhoven wishes to service its clients. Promptly, personally, accurately and fast.

The mortgage consultant

To take out a mortgage for the very first time is like moving around in a market in a faraway Asian country. The language, customs and even most of the ingredients are unknown. It is of vital importance to be guided by someone who knows what is offered. Who knows that world.

In the world of mortgages that someone is called a mortgage consultant. “The mortgage consultant has a pivotal role in the purchase of the first house”, says John Bijlsma, director and incorporator of JRB financieel adviesbureau, a certified and independent consultancy firm with KFD certificate (Certificate for Financial Services). Bijlsma started his financial career at a bank and has been giving advice on buying a first house, a different house, refinancing a house, and all kinds of other financial questions that may come up.

Even though Bijlsma always has his calculator on his desk – he calculates every option that he gives carefully – he goes beyond the figures. “To a starter, a first mortgage is often a first introduction to asset planning and financial management. I very much enjoy finding the mortgage that suits them best.”

That is all very well, but what does it mean? Bijlsma: “High-quality mortgage advice is not about the highest mortgage one can get. Together with my clients, especially starters, I consider the ratio between monthly expenses and their wishes in life. People want to be able to do live their lives, go out for dinner, have a baby. Matters affecting the spendable income. That’s were the skill comes in: deciding on a mortgage that is not only in keeping with people’s present circumstances, but also with their future life.”

And an independent mortgage consultant does more than that, and Bijlsma gives an example. A while ago, he rendered advice to a young man from Amstelveen, who had made a calculation on the Internet and had found out that he could take out a mortgage of € 155,000 at the most, which was not sufficient for the apartment he wanted to buy. Bijlsma calculated again and arrived at a different amount. “He was a cargo handler at Schiphol, working in shifts. This was vital information, as the allowance for working in shifts may be included in the calculation if a National Mortgage Guarantee applies.” The difference was well over € 20,000. “Exactly what was needed for the apartment he wanted so much”, says Bijlsma proudly.

These are the stories that make Bijlsma’s work ‘fun’. “Because of such outcomes, I keep myself informed of any developments in relevant regulations, on a daily basis. As a consultant, I need to be informed and up to date for my clients. Everything from stricter rules for mortgages to the loans granted to starters by the municipality of Amstelveen: I am always up to date, so my clients can concentrate on other matters.”