The residential property market is a difficult market for private persons. It is obscure and has its own jargon and codes. At the same time, it involves one of the major financial transactions in your life. Therefore, Amstelhoven strongly advises to engage an estate agent when buying a house.

Of course, this may sound odd, coming from us. But a good estate agent will save you a lot of money and worries. He or she knows the tricks of the trade and his or her way around in the archives. That way, Amstelhoven can help you buy your dream house for a good price.

Our approach

First of all, Amstelhoven wants to hear your wishes, in terms of the composition of your family, the price you are willing to pay, etc. On the basis of your personal profile, Amstelhoven will start its search. If you wish, we will keep you informed of the new houses on the market on a daily basis by means of our Newsletter. In addition to the houses advertised on Funda, however, Amstelhoven can inform you on houses that are for sale but disclosed only between estate agents, for example in case of ‘undisclosed offering’.

Once we have found your new home, together, we will need to propose an opening bid. Amstelhoven determines the amount not only by checking the values of other houses sold in the past, but also by making a valuation of the house itself on the basis of its location, state of repair and any defects.

Amstelhoven will negotiate for you in a clean-cut, daring and professional manner. Once the purchase price is known, we will assist at the conclusion of the sale and purchase agreement and the delivery or transfer of the house.

If you would like more information, do contact us!